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englishfisticuffs said: Oh golly jane you know exactly how i feel about movies! Do you know who sent the film to your father?

If I recall correctly, He said it was a fellow with short black hair. Didn’t quite catch his name. But it looks like a splendid movie! Though I think I’ve seen this cover before, because it made me think of you! what with all the blue women in it. :B

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Well hello there :B

englishfisticuffs said: Reading some spider girl tonight! Fairly interesting issue too might i add. Ive covered most of the island to be entirely honest. There isnt much more i can do but that doesnt mean i cant go out and explore it again! The fauna is ever changing.

There you go again with spider girl. That silly comic always seems to cheer you up. :B  Those blasted Fauna, but if they’re always changing then I suppose you’ll never truly get bored now will you? Oh Jake! Someone sent my father a movie! Would you like to watch it with me sometime?

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englishfisticuffs said: Goodness always trying to escape from that father of yours! Im just sitting here reading some comic books there really isnt that much to do on an island by yourself. Unfortunately its a tad bit late to start off another adventure.

Its not as horrible as it could be…Dang-nabbit! he found me! Which comic books are you reading there Jake? Oh i see ,was there some place you wanted to explore more thoroughly? 

englishfisticuffs said: Good evening jane! How are you fairing tonight?

Well hello Mr. English!  Oh you know me, just trying to sneak past my dad… He’s got everything pad locked again! But never mind me, How are you on this fine night Jake? 




Here’s my first entry (assuming I will make more which I hope to!) for the Homestuck Music Contest.

It’s a theme for Jane Crocker called “Spoonkind”.

I know it’s not incredible but I put quite a bit of work into it so I do hope you like it!! ;o;

Screw the person that said “if this doesn’t make it”. This will make it and I request a download link NOW because hell if I want this in my mp3.

thank you so much!! ;o;

I promise that after the contest is over and if I don’t make it on the album (oops screw me hehe) that I will provide a download link. UuU

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